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Pigment Punch Body


PIGMENT PUNCH BODY Target areas of the body that show the signs of ageing, including décolletage and back of hands. This multi-functional body cream combines Tyrostat-11™ and Bellides™ to help minimise the...



CLEAR SKIN COMPLEX 50g Target common concerns associated with problematic skin, including blemishes and excess oil for a clear, more radiant looking complexion. Benefits Clarifies complexion Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections...


Sheer Hydration - 50g


A lightweight oil-free moisturiser featuring a non-comedogenic formulation to keep pores clear and improve the overall appearance of the skin. This hydrating moisturiser effectively hydrates with a mattifying finish, whilst delivering vital antioxidants...


Hydra Shield with Zinc


A lightweight super-hydrating moisturizer with zinc oxide benefits, Hydra-Shield is packed with potent skin protecting antioxidants, skin hydrators and nourishing botanical oils. Benefits: Not heavy Not sticky or greasy No white...


Super Moisturising Complex


Super Moisturising Complex 50g A super-rich moisturiser designed especially to support a dry, dehydrated skin with ageing concerns. Packed full of cell targeting ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium PCA, Peptides, Stem cell extracts, Green tea, Oil...


Phytostat 9 50g


Try it and discover why people are calling it the cream of the crop. Say goodbye to the expense and inconvenience of separate day, night, neck and eye creams and say hello to Phytostat 9. This 4 in 1, intelligent cream that adjusts to the specific needs...